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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of Dec. 16 - Enough to Stop the Water

Enough to Stop the Water

Love and Happiness

With trepidation, Britt decides to spill at least some of the beans to Nik regarding Ben’s origins, but whether the pot is empty by the time she’s done is up for question.  Has she told him everything, and is it going to be enough for Nik?  Meanwhile, Mutter is across town, locked in a battle of epic brain chess with Anna Devane.  Obrecht wants to know where Faison is, and she knows Anna knows.  But neither is willing to give in to the other, and the upshot is that Mutter puts the screws to her daughter – again.  Britt, however,  could be at her threshold, and the last of the umbilical may be severed this time.

Having worked up the resolve and courage to give surrogacy another try, Lulu and Dante’s trip to the lab at General Hospital must have been equal parts tentative hope and mounting giddiness. But their discovery upon arrival sends them reeling – and could have some unexpected effects on their relationship and marriage. The Falconeris, understandably, want answers, and as Dante confides in Anna, he receives a phone call that may actually give them what they need.


After his much-needed conversation with the eternally level-headed Epiphany, Patrick finally seems to be ready to talk, and asks Robin to meet with him.  She receives some welcome support from Sam, after which she goes to the Drake house – for the first time since she’s returned to Port Charles.  While there, Anna and Duke arrive with Emma, and soon afterward, there is a knock at the door…

Sabrina, preparing for the holidays, has finished wrapping Emma’s gifts, and leaves word with Patrick as to how they should be delivered.  Felix offers support and a Dubois-style pep talk before heading out, admonishing Sabrina not to give up hope. After he’s gone, there’s a knock on her door…

Paradise Circus

Morgan and Ava’s relationship seems to be developing towards a more serious bent, with Morgan even more determined than before to prove his worth to the Jeromes and demonstrate he’s not just a young man  with a dream.  While he offers up a do-over proposal to make up for his bungling of the bug, Julian isn’t especially optimistic at his future success – warning Ava that Morgan has almost outlived his usefulness.  
Morgan visits Molly, who is unsettled enough after an argument with TJ, and warns her that as long as her boyfriend is in Shawn’s orbit, his safety is not guaranteed.

To add salt to that soup, Molly later overhears her mother and Julian talking; the names ‘Carlos’ and ‘Lucas’ being bandied about like volleyballs.  Alexis,  no stranger to the game, keeps her wits and holds her own against Julian’s persistence.  She also makes sure to give Luke a call so he can warn Bobbie; Lucas’ father is closing in on the answers he wants.

Secret World

There are some things about Rafe which Sam wants to discuss with Silas, so she heads off to the hospital to talk to him privately.  Privately and quickly, things become very heated and romantic, until a phone call interrupts them – a phone call from the NYPD that makes Silas edgy. When Sam heads out again, Silas summons Ava to the hospital and apprises her of the communication, to which she raises the perfectly-shaped eyebrow of ‘I told you so’.  

Later, Sam and Silas are about to call it a day and head out, when they’re surprised to find Rafe being treated in the ER, but relieved he’s for the most part all right.  While there, Silas’ phone goes off again. And again, it’s a call that has visible effect.

Ava is worried about Morgan, since Julian has all but stamped an expiration date on her boyfriend’s backside. She’s wondering about Carlos, having not seen or heard from him in days; no one seems to have any ideas or answers.  But she may have bigger concerns to deal with. Diane breezes in to let her know that a detective with the NYPD called for Ava – requesting a meeting. 

Dirty Laundry

While Anna is concealing the nature of her interaction with Robert, Duke is concealing the nature of his interaction with Julian. He had initially intended not to have anything to do with Sonny or the mob boss’ offer, but after seeing a confrontation between the two, he may reconsider that decision.  Shawn is doggedly digging into Carlos’ past, and the captive henchman knows his life is hanging by less than spidersilk. In desperation, he tries bribery, but it is ultimately another source from which he might find leverage. 

When Sonny and Shawn come to the warehouse, they find their prisoner missing…but they know he’s not gone. When he shows himself, he also shows his leverage – and that’s when everything starts to go South. Shots are fired, and then more and more as others arrive on the scene, until a full firefight ensues. Some will escape…and some won’t. 

Also Next Week:   Bobbie and Luke run into Julian, and Lucas makes a call to Port Charles.  Brad looks for Britt and runs into his worst nightmare.  Spinelli says goodbye to Maxie.  Patrick makes a decision.


Love and Happiness: Al Green, I’m Still in Love With You
Yesterday: The Beatles, Help!
Paradise Circus:  Massive Attack, Heligoland
Secret World, Peter Gabriel, Us
Dirty Laundry, Don Henley, I Can't Stand Still 

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