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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of Dec. 2 - Far From Over

*Note: This week I will be posting a daily preview bullet regarding certain story elements airing on the day.

Far From Over

Miss Me Blind

Bobbie Spencer was looking forward to visiting friends and family back home in Port Charles – most particularly her brother and her daughter, whose lives of late haven’t been easy or boring.  She probably anticipated a nice long sojourn of bonding moments, reminiscing, and family time. 

Well, she’s got bonding – Jerry Jacks managed to bamboozle the handcuffs off him and onto her – and their subsequent walk down charred memory lane included a fuzzy look back on their aborted trip to the altar. Family time…well, Jerry wants that Polonium cure, which Luke now has  in his hot little hands, and it’s about to draw Carly into the backwash, too. Luke has all the decision-making power in his hands, while his sister and niece are the bargaining chips for an increasingly agitated and desperate adversary. There’s no way this is going to end with a simple exchange of hostages, handshake, and “see you around”.

Life in the Fast Lane

Now that Sonny has been faithfully taking his meds and has climbed back up the heap to survey his domain, he’s drawing lines and gathering names. Allies must be counted – knowing who’s on your side, or at least who’s not on the other side – is imperative. Sonny is shoring up his game board, and Duke is a key piece in the overall strategy.  When he meets with the newly-liberated (again) former gangster, Sonny has an offer which Duke may find quite tempting.  With his troops mobilizing and a copy of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War loaded on his Kindle, Sonny intends to send a message –  and not the kind where a guy shows up in a bellboy uniform dancing the softshoe. Sonny’s curiosity and spidey-sense are also tingling over Carlos, who, it must be said, isn’t the most subtle of men. Suspicious, Sonny has Shawn start digging into the Jerome henchman’s past.

Duke’s involvement and possible threat level is nothing to sneer at, and Ava is concerned about these possibilities. She meets with Julian to try and discuss the matter, but her brother is preoccupied these days over his daughter and Alexis.  Glum, he confides with an equally morose Carlos over the Siberian freeze to which Sam and Sabrina have respectively exiled them.  When they bump into Sam and Silas, Julian’s hopes are definitively demolished, as Sam makes it blatantly clear she wants nothing to do with him.
You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away

After having been rebuffed by a reluctant, but resolute Spinelli when she tried visiting her daughter, Maxie is sinking even further out of reach and deeper into a black hole that seems very comforting and safe to her right now.  Her next sources of succor and support will be unexpected, but very much needed at a very crucial time.

Ellie, who was equally distressed and upset at having to turn Maxie away, receives some startling and exciting news which could change everything for her and Spinelli – but they’re concerned at how Maxie might respond.

Also Next Week: Britt and Nikolas share a quiet moment that deepens their connection, Mac seeks out Maxie, and Franco tells Carly about his conversation with Scott. AJ’s trial gets even more tense as Ava takes the witness box to testify against him.

 Monday Bullet: 

In a stunning, unbelievable moment, Emma sees something startling at the wedding. Anna and Robert have an intense debate while Faison waits.


Miss Me Blind: Culture Club, Colour By Numbers
Life in the Fast Lane: The Eagles, Hotel California
You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away: The Beatles, Help!

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