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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of Dec. 30 - The Pillars of Creation

The Pillars of Creation

About 7,000 light years from Earth storms the Eagle Nebula, a vast open cluster of gas, dust, and brave new things. At approximately 3-4  light years high, the Pillars of Creation are just a small, but stunning part of the existing whole. Stars are born there. Heat and momentum create light which lasts eons. But these are not easy or quiet beginnings.  This is creation of the most volatile nature, creation that shakes and burns and boils. It’s birth and death at the same time.  It’s loud and painful and leaves a mark. But it’s also the most lasting and beautiful thing that comes from the cold and dark places. 

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
Sabrina’s holiday had the cheer pretty much whacked out of it starting with Patrick’s gentle, but devastating rejection, and the fact that he also left his Christmas gift behind. Add to that, her ex-boyfriend showed up panting and bloodied from a gunfight shootout with his fellow mob playmates, and then to top it all off, Felix came home and found out about both Patrick and Carlos. Rather understandably, Sabrina has been tossing cookies almost non-stop, but with enough regularity that it doesn’t appear to be simply nerves or stress. Felix, employing his nosy Yenta training and degree from nursing school, has an idea why his best friend is hurling every five minutes, and it’s not a proposition which Sabrina greets with glee and excitement. If anything, it might make her feel like another communion with porcelain.  But it’s a possibility she has to consider seriously—so, while Robin and Patrick are ringing in the New Year with hope for their future life together, a shocked Sabrina makes some  resolutions of her own.

As Maxie prepares to leave town on her vision quest, she stops at Lulu’s for a tense, if cordial visit before heading out.  Things are delicate between them, and it’s an open question as to whether Lulu, made of stern Spencer stock, can ever forgive this person she loves so much, but who has also brought her so much pain. Maxie prepares to leave, and just before she heads out, she meets a very handsome, very mysterious man named Nathan West – who has some business of his own to take care of with certain people in town.

Britt takes Ben with her to the hospital and runs into Dante, letting him know she’s meeting his wife for tests—starting the process all over again for surrogacy.  Britt grapples with her secrets, feeling the mounting guilt on her shoulders like a yoke.  Compounding her shame, she ends up having to give Lulu distressing news—news which causes the frustrated, hopeful mother-to-be to take stock and make an irrevocable decision with no option for turning back. 

Tonight Tonight
Monica Quartermaine learns some news – news pertaining to her former position as Chief of Staff at General Hospital. Being no shrinking violet, she surprises an unaware Silas – and Sam – of said news. This in turn befuddles and flummoxes the good doctor to the point where, when Sam asks him what it was he wanted to talk about, he tells her he’s just happy to be spending New Year’s Eve with her.

Given their track record for disaster dates, they get points for sheer bravery and resolve, but this time, the universe cuts them a break. The two spend a romantic and blessedly uninterrupted evening together – bringing in the year with a new beginning and their relationship to a new level of momentum, heat, and light. 

Dead Meat
There’s a lot of guilt going around Port Charles these days, and Morgan Corinthos is carrying his own self-carved yoke with increasing oppression. Incensed, his father confronts the prodigal, finally fed up with protecting and enabling – and hurls down a challenge that rends what little obstinacy Morgan had to shreds. The mini-mobster wants out.
Julian senses this waning enthusiasm, which was a liability at the warehouse and will probably only become a worse burden in the future.  Morgan is becoming an albatross, and Julian’s confidence is waning right along with Morgan’s accountability.  It makes Ava very nervous, and she takes it upon herself to plead Morgan’s case to her brother, defending Morgan defiantly and vigorously. She is set back on her heels, however, when she later learns just how much Silas and Sam’s relationship has evolved and intensified.

Also Next Week: Nathan brings pressure to bear on Silas, while Duke presses Anna for more information on the warehouse shooting. Shawn tries to convince TJ to keep quiet about what he knows, but Rafe may be a problem, as he seeks an audience with the Commissioner to tell what he knows. 

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt: We Are Scientists, With Love and Squalor
Tonight Tonight: Smashing Pumpkins, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
Dead Meat: Sean Ono Lennon, Friendly Fire

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