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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of September 2 - Whisper Silly Things

Whisper Silly Things

Falling Down 

In just about every conceivable way, A.J. Quartermaine is dried out; parched and arid from alcohol, disappointment, and fear. In one revolution of the Earth on axis, he has gone from proud father and CEO to an off-the wagon suspect in a brutal murder. Every alcoholic knows about ‘hitting bottom’, and for AJ, this is almost as low as it can get. Almost. Still unclear about the events of the night in question, he’s nevertheless confident the police will have to release him, since they haven’t found the murder weapon. Unbeknownst to AJ, however, Morgan stumbles up on a gun, hidden on the Quartermaine property – but is it the gun that killed Connie? 

Use Somebody

At his limit, Patrick pushes Britt until she gives up a different name for her baby’s father – but whether or not it’s actually true is the big question. Patrick is utterly broadsided, but recovers quickly enough to give her both barrels, unleashing a gestational period’s worth of anger, tension, fear, and regret on her until Nik happens along and tosses the good doctor out on his ear.  Spent and exhausted, Britt finally tells Nikolas: she lied to Patrick to try and trick him into a relationship. 

For Nikolas, it brings some rather painful memories of the Helena/Aiden paternity debacle, from which he fled Port Charles in complete emotional ruin eighteen months ago.  His initial reaction to Britt is not one of fuzzy sympathy.  Later, though, Brad finds himself confronted by six feet of angry, protective Cassadine, demanding he take responsibility as a father. Perhaps deflecting, perhaps panicking, or perhaps because he actually sees something, Brad calls Nik out on his rather emphatic diatribe, suggesting that maybe Nik hasn’t confronted what he’s actually beginning to feel for Britt. 

A Man and A Woman

After months of terror and waiting, and the false hope of Franco’s donor viability, everyone is crossing every jointed limb and supplicating deities high and low that Derek Wells’ hemoglobin is the miracle that will save Danny’s life.  For Sam, whose strong suit is not conducive to patience and waiting, it’s been an exercise in self-control and restraint.  When Silas gives her the news she’s been waiting for, self-control and restraint fall down with a resounding thud for both.  This time, instead of a hug, it’s a kiss – one that has a flustered, confused Sam apologizing and telling him it won’t happen again. But this time Silas diverges from what might be an expected deflection -- there’s something more; something else between them.   And evidently, he’s not ignoring it anymore. 

Man of the World

Brad’s having a hard week.  He’s got so many balls in the air that it’s been difficult protecting his own.  If it wasn’t bad enough to be in Nikolas Cassadine’s crosshairs, Felix Dubois might be an even worse confrontation to navigate.  Everybody’s really upset; Patrick still at boiling point over the new revelations, and Sabrina simmering on behalf of her boyfriend. Felix, being the good best friend of the boyfriend’s girlfriend, is outraged on behalf of both of them. So when he demands answers from Brad, it’s really three people standing in front of the increasingly stressed-out King of the Lab. Words are exchanged, insults fly—and then Felix finds himself with a little more than he bargained for when he walked in.  Patrick, still oozing with indignant wrath, interrupts them at a rather close moment, and fills Felix in on the rest of the story.  Feeling hoodwinked and foolish, Felix can’t get past Brad’s duplicity, even when Brad professes his feelings are genuine and real. 

Also Next Week:   Carly has a talk with Liz about AJ, while Franco is discharged in time for his pretrial hearing.  Diane takes a mysterious delivery from Brad and drops a bombshell in court. Olivia and Morgan bond over mutual loss, and Patrick breaks the news to Emma about the baby. 


Falling Down:  Duran Duran, Red Carpet Massacre
Use Somebody: Kings Of Leon, Only By the Night
A Man and a Woman:  U2, How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb
Man of the World:  Fleetwood Mac, Greatest Hits 

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Anonymous said...

WOW! love the spoilers. all sounds very good especially Sam/Silas. I can't wait to see how this all turns out for them. Thank you for the exciting write up.


Roc N Rose said...

Wow...AJ is quite the character study while running the full gamut of emotions, proving to all naysayers that RC & Team really do know how to write a thought provoking, multi-layered, exquisitedly crafted STORY.
Wow...Patrick has awakened from monotone purgatory, showing a little spine with our 'Britta'.
Wowww...could it be that some walls 'come tumbling down' and Siam actually respond to each other on a PDA (PRIVATE display of affection) level? I may have to give myself CPR!
Angela, I think I have officially become a part of the Siam 'fangurl' community!!! LOL :D Thanks...