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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of August 12 - A Calculus of Heaven

A Calculus of Heaven 

Love the Sun Away

Weddings in Port Charles just wouldn’t feel authentic without some form of barely-controlled chaos or mayhem, would it?  Someone is usually shot, poisoned, blown up, or at the very least bloodied in a round of spirited fisticuffs. It’s almost tradition, like Greeks breaking plates or the Irish drinking before nine a.m. 

But this week, it’s not just any wedding, of course: Mac and Felicia are tying one on—er,sorry, tying the knot—and it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion it won’t be a quiet or sedate affair to begin with.  After many bumps, many shots of alcohol, many karaoke songs, and multiple shenanigans leading up to and during the ceremony, getting these two hitched without a hitch is like picnicking on Pier 52 without Kevlar. But Mac and Felicia have endured much worse, much rougher, and much weirder snags in their journey together. Love is an action, and speaks with its own voice.  

Don’t Dream It’s Over

Champagne, spirits, and Karaoke flow like water at Mac and Felicia’s surprise wedding party; songs are sung, toasts are made…and at least one drink is spiked with an ingredient other than alcohol. Duke steps outside for some air, feeling a bit woozy, and Anna later finds him in an unconscious heap. Being a Celt, it’s practically against all laws of man and nature for any form of booze to have rendered him insensate, so Patrick runs tests at GH to determine the true cause. In critical condition, Duke fights as Anna stays by his side, encouraging, begging, exhorting…and reminiscing. When the results come back from the lab, they stun everyone with the implications. Duke, staunch as ever, insists Mac and Felicia continue on with their wedding without him.

In Too Deep

Dante and Lulu attend childbirth class with an ever-more-encumbered Maxie, and no Lamaze class has been more fraught with angst and pathos. Her mother and Mac float the idea of postponing the wedding due to Duke’s infirmity, and Maxie balks at this idea, wanting her parents nuptialed before the birth of the Spinelli spawn.  Lulu overhears this little nugget, and being the super detective she is, finds her suspicions piqued.  Adamant as always when her Pradas dig in, Maxie insists the wedding continue as planned. As she is even more formidable when pregnant, there really isn’t much choice for Mac and Felicia. Onward!

Pieces of Eight

At the same angst-ridden childbirth class Maxie and the Falconeris attend is the burgeoning Dr. Westbourne, this time accompanied by the increasingly invested Patrick.  Maybe it’s the hormones, or maybe the umbilical is feeding Britt a conscience, or perhaps it’s simply relating honestly to her fellow human beings without pretense – but she nearly spills everything to Patrick on more than one occasion.  Sabrina astutely notes her boyfriend’s attachment to the new baby as he excitedly talks about the impending arrival with Emma.  Things move fast as Sabrina fills Patrick in on Britt’s prevarications, Spinelli and Felix figure out another name for Mutter, and Britt finally decides she’s had enough and demands answers. It’s becoming evident that Obrecht has a lot going on, and a lot of people who want to know just exactly how many strudels she’s baking…

Also Next Week…Luke is hot on Jerry Jacks' trail, and like a bloodhound, has his nose hard to the ground. Sometimes that makes it difficult to see what’s surrounding you.   Michael delivers the news to Kiki, while Morgan feigns ignorance. Olivia visits Sonny with questions about Connie, but the besieged boss is still at a loss to figure out why Connie betrayed him.



Love the Sun Away:  The Floorwalkers, The Natural Road
Don’t Dream it’s Over:  Crowded House, Crowded House
In Too Deep:  Genesis, Invisible Touch
Pieces of Eight: Styx, The Grand Illusion 

You can find information, lyrics, and artist bios on the song titles in this preview at . 

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