Monday, August 05, 2013

Listen to Angela - GH Teasers: Dodge


Luke hightails it on a globetrotting trek, following the trail that Messrs. Jacks and Donely have strung in their wakes…leading him to the land of the Celts.  He’s getting closer to answers than he knows, but then, Luke’s always been pretty good at connecting what seems like random dots.

While Lucy and Scott brainstorm for ways to find funding for Deception, Tracy rubs her hands together and cackles as the dam breaks with Connie’s front page story. Sonny blows up at his newly-reconciled moll—er—girlfriend, while Ava does a complete takeoff on The Exorcist with Derek.  

Coming Up Week of August 12

A break in the mayhem for surprises and the making of joyful noise; Mac and Felicia celebrate and are celebrated.  A wedding is started, stopped, and started again – this is a soap, kids, and it’s Felicia.  It’s never gonna be traditional or predictable. 

On the dark side of the canvas, truth and consequences pour downward as Silas has it out with Ava, and Obrecht is revealed with stark, terrifying clarity. 


  General Hospital airs weekdays at 2PM EST/PST on ABC and is available on Hulu and SoapNet.

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