Friday, August 02, 2013

Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of August 5 - Battle Lines and Weather Balloons

Battle Lines and Weather Balloons

Big Time

Her Bensonhurst coming to bear, Connie wrestles with splashing Ava’s secret all over the front page of the Port Charles Press, knowing that the information she has would send several people’s lives into a Mixmaster of utter chaos.  Feeling the brunt of responsibility to her employees, as well as the bull’s horn of opportunity, she commits to an irrevocable decision – one she begins to regret almost immediately when Sonny makes her an offer she didn’t expect. But the die is cast, and she can only watch and wait in horror as things inexorably move towards an inescapable, inevitable culmination that will change things forever.

All Along the Watchtower

After thirty-odd years and heaven knows how many futile attempts at recall on her own, Alexis finally opens the sealed tomb of memory thanks to Kevin’s expert assistance, and is able, once and for all, to speak the name of Sam’s father.  As if the Universe wasn’t already planting flags in her footpath, she runs into Derek Wells, who resonates familiarity for reasons she can’t place, but she also can’t shake. He readily agrees to Alexis and Sam’s request to run a blood drive story on the front page of the PCP, unaware of Connie’s alternative plans for a different headline altogether. 

Silas may not be from Bensonhurst, but is equally as tenacious as Connie, determined to find out who Kiki is and who’s her Daddy.  Ava tries warning him off and attempts to withhold the DNA results he’s so carefully tested – but that’s about as effective as shooting mosquitoes with a Howitzer.  Over in her corner of the chaos, Kiki is baking bricks at lightning speed and shutting herself into a warm prison of denial.  To Morgan’s chagrin, she has to be prodded into saying those three little words – words which have potential to build castles…or lay waste. 


Morning breaks…and so does a story, and right along with that is the rendering of foundations long since entrenched and thought unshakeable. After a blissful night in which all was right with his world as he slept, AJ wakes to conflagration, as his leadership of ELQ is now null and void, to Tracy’s utter delight. Insensate with rage, AJ confronts Connie, who is already fending off Sonny’s indignation and disappointment.  Sonny and AJ nearly come to blows, but are kept from total annihilation by Liz and Michael. 

Debris falls ever downward as Ava, stunned at the public revelation, completely unravels at Derek, and her Jerome genetics show in specific, terrifying relief. Unflappable, Derek watches the display with a mix of bemused detachment and then suspicion: this newly disclosed information could secure ELQ for them---so what’s the problem? And what else is Ava hiding?

Realizing that everything has changed and everyone he loves will be shaped by the news, Michael jumps on his faithful steed and goes off in search of Kiki, while Sam, disappointed on several levels, berates Derek for going back on his word.  To her utter astonishment—and her mother’s—he clearly feels remorse and, wanting to make amends…offers to be tested as a donor for Danny…

Song Titles: 

Big Time: Peter Gabriel, So
All Along the Watchtower:  Bob Dylan, John Wesley Harding
Fallout:  Marianas Trench, Ever After  

You can find information, lyrics, and artist bios on the song titles in this preview at . 

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Anonymous said...

Derek for the match for Danny


Roc N Rose said...

Another fantastic preview, Angela! What a beautiful "Charlotte's Web" Cartini has spun. No one can weave an umbrella story, capturing all principal players, like RC & Team, results of which will impact STORY far into the future!!!

Debbie Corte said...

Great preview Angela! Looks like things are about to come to a head!

Erin_1246 said...

Sounds like this is going to be an incredible week. (Just as good or better than the one we had). I love your previews - reading them is nearly as much fun as watching the show.

Hopefully they'll be a few moments/opportunities for Sam & Silas to engage??? :-)

Angela Rynan Durrell said...

I would hope for engaging moments between Sam and Silas as well. ;) And considering they're both connected to the major stories breaking next week, it stands to reason we might have such moments. We hope...:)