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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for week of August 26 - A Dark Well at Noon

A Dark Well at Noon

Chains of Love

Consider the cork in the finest bottle of Veuve Cliquot. The stress builds just to the right point that all it takes is …just a little twist. And in one long, continuous release of gas, pressure, and volume – all pours forth in an inexorable stream until the vessel is empty. Thus we find the situation with one Maxie Jones and her erstwhile soulmate, Damian Spinelli.  Both are laboring under the weight of lies and and the pain of smothered truth, so much so that neither will be able to bear the strain much longer. When Dante and Lulu discover a furious Spin and distraught Ellie arguing in the hallway, Spin manages to weave and dodge away from the mess – proving he’s much better at hiding truth than discovering it.

Escaping momentarily from her boyfriend’s wrath and baleful glares, Ellie hightails it up to the roof of GH – the sought-after spot for all reflective moments in life – and discovers Franco there,  hovering on a precipice.  Dealing with his own issues of deception, daughters, and depressing reveals, his reaction upon hearing Ellie’s predicament, while shocking, also makes a convoluted sort of sense.

Heaving in between nightmare and waking horror, Maxie forms a plan while Spinelli reels in emotional truss over what’s happening, and upon confronting Maxie, the floodgates open. Loudly. Dante and Lulu, increasingly concerned over Maxie’s almost obsessive behavior and attachment to the baby, arrive on the scene as emotions and words escalate in stark, specific relief. 

Don’t Lose My Number 

Just as Olivia has her terrifying, blood-laden vision, Sonny finds Connie on the floor of her office, bleeding out from a gunshot wound.  A desperate plea, a final few moments, some leftover truths…and it’s over.  Sonny is in a blind rage of grief, and the hunt for a killer begins…two things which are not necessarily mutually exclusive.
Like all children – or family members – of alcoholics, Michael has begun to take on the role of caretaker for a damaged, defeated AJ, who is on a downward slide so steep that it seems to have its own gravity well. When AJ is hauled in for questioning by Anna and Dante, he denies his involvement and points them in a different direction – but wonders if he could actually be the culprit. His lawyer – the intrepid and ubiquitous Diane Miller – snarls at him to keep quiet and say nothing, as there’s no concrete evidence linking him to the murder.


Reason to Believe
Britt’s been cooling her jets in the hoosegow for some time – so long that even Felix seems concerned and wonders to Patrick and Sabrina if she may have disappeared.  But her release back into the wild is engineered by the only actual friend she probably has – Nikolas, who puts up bail money and gets her out of at least one prison.  But Britt’s barely able to breathe before Patrick, concerned by recent revelations about Mutters and such, drops a bombshell on her; he’s going to sue for custody of the baby. Full custody.  And he’ll go to the wall and through it if he has to. 

Also next week:  Derek starts remembering details and wants to tell everyone the truth – but will he?  Molly reconciles with TJ, leaving Taylor and Rafe to throw in cahoots with one another in one of the most unlikely alliances Port Charles may have seen.  Morgan discovers Kiki and Michael have been talking and spending time together, while Ava informs him – and Kiki – of Connie’s death.  

Chains of Love:  Erasure, The Innocents
Don't Lose My Number: Phil Collins, No Jacket Required
Reason To Believe:  Rod Stewart, Every Picture Tells a Story 

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