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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of March 3 - Among the Living

Among the Living

 Glory and Gore

Sonny has reassured Michael numerous times that he will restrain his baser instincts and not shred his nemesis to tiny bloody bits – which is a great relief to Michael, but not much consolation for AJ in the end. Having finally found both clarity and memory through his long and self-induced haze, AJ is pissed, and has every intention of confronting the person he holds responsible for this current misfortune. He goes thundering over to Ava’s penthouse, steely-eyed, ready to rumble, and evidently forgetting the small detail of Ava having shot and killed someone in order to shut them up and remove the inconvenience presented. Having done it before, she wouldn’t have much of a problem making the same choice again.  AJ realizes this just a tad too late when she draws down on him like Billy Clanton at the OK Corral.  During the altercation over the next few minutes, an unexpected visitor shows up, the gun fires…and almost immediately people are scrambling for alibis as AJ fights for his life.

Blue Skies

Sam and Silas arrive at the clinic where Nina’s body has been housed for the last twenty years, hoping to find and somehow, some way, be able to see her. Having been barred from the premises for the better part of the last two decades by armed security and a vengeful family-in-law, Silas knows the odds aren’t good, but he and Sam agree they have to try.  Things get even more weird and complicated, however, and they are not ready for what they find.  While Sam and Silas try to make sense out of the situation and figure out their next move, they’re unaware of someone clandestinely watching their every move.

In her last hours with her family in Port Charles, Robin spends some quality time with her daughter, trying to create as many good memories in a short span of time as she can – but even that doesn’t go as planned when an unexpected and unwanted distraction comes calling.  Later, after a bittersweet interlude with his wife, a wary Patrick is approached by Victor, who tells him Robin should be hopeful.  This, understandably, does nothing for Patrick’s reservations and grief over what’s about to happen.


Anna makes an arrest in the AJ Quartermaine shooting, and it sets most of Port Charles rocking back on its heels.  As she and her officers continue to investigate and question key people of interest, it becomes apparent to the Commissioner that her dance partner is one of them. She goes to Duke and asks him what he knows – and Duke finds himself in a tight spot when another suspect needs him for an alibi.  Anna’s life becomes even more complicated when an irate and determined Liesl Obrecht wants to know where her beloved Cesar is and corners Anna for answers.  Beleaguered from the Quartermaine investigation, the increasing power of the Jeromes in town, the heightening mob war, her daughter leaving town, and her cops arresting all the wrong people, would anyone really blame Anna if she just spilled the beans?

Hearts are Gonna Roll

In the short time Ric has been back in town, he has proven himself to be a true rolling stone upon whom no moss gathers. Having already schmoozed and enabled his headstrong daughter against her mother and finagled a denoument with his suspicious brother, he moves with a purpose towards his other ex-wife.  Elizabeth is startled to see Rick in town, and even more taken aback by the information he has for her. 

Ex wife #2, being one of the four lawyers currently practicing in town, contemplates representing the suspect Anna arrested. Ultimately, however, she refers the case to Ric, despite his blatant sucking up to their daughter, with whom Alexis has still been butting heads. Molly, for her part, has been scheming on her own, and approaches her father with a surprising request. When Ric later drops the anvil in front of Alexis, the levels of her fury are terrifying to behold.

Also next week: Luke comes clean to Tracy and offers her a proposition, while Michael stays at AJ’s side in the hospital and tries to figure out what happened. Carlos learns about AJ being shot, and his loyalty is put to the fire.  Victor agrees to help Liesl, but only if she agrees to certain provisions.


Glory and Gore:  Lorde, Pure Heroine
Blue Skies: Noah and the Whale, The First Day of Spring
Bent:  Matchbox Twenty, Mad Season
Hearts are Gonna Roll: Hal Ketchum, Sure Love

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