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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of March 10 - Dreams That No Longer Need Us

Dreams That No Longer Need Us

The Bermuda Triangle

Alexis and Molly continue the epic struggle which has occurred between mothers and daughters since a pissed-off Eris tossed the Apple of Discord into the wedding party of Peleus and Thetis, causing enmity and rage with her mother Hera and the other goddesses, and ultimately sparking the Trojan War. Eris was a young goddess with an unfortunate tendency to cause trouble and strife between otherwise level-headed folk. Molly is a young girl who, like most young girls, thinks she’s old enough to make big decisions and sees nothing wrong in pitting one parent’s desire for closeness against the other parent’s perceived desire to keep her wrapped in a bandbox until she’s thirty.

It’s really a wonder Alexis isn’t checking herself into Shadybrooke at this point; last year one daughter’s rebellion manifested itself in the form of a misbegotten reality show, and this year the youngest daughter’s manifestation is plying her father’s guilt. Alexis is holding up pretty well, though, considering – she even refers a case to Ric, which he actually appreciates and thanks her for the work.  But the moment of conciliation is brief and little else but a wisp when Alexis learns Ric’s plans for Molly, and even gods on Olympus would shake in their sandals at the fallout. 

Bend and Break
Torn between giddiness and guilt, Britt is slaloming down a dangerous hill and barely avoiding trees the size of Sequoias.  With trepidation, she goes to her mother and gives Obrecht the news about her engagement to Nikolas – which really shouldn’t be that much of a surprise to Mutter, considering Britt’s been living at Wyndemere for the last six months. 

However, Britt isn’t so much worried about her mother’s reaction to the impending nuptials as she is understandably concerned that Mutter will spill the goods about Ben.  Dante has been bonding with his son, which is good. Lulu is trying to adjust as well as she can to the situation, which is also good. Everything is good. Until Lulu starts having some strange dreams she doesn’t tell anyone about – which is probably not so good.  At least, not for Britt. 


The weirdness at the Quartermaine mansion is always at a steady hum, and has been since the mid-80’s, when Grant Putnam chased the Prometheus Disk and Jimmy Lee Holt chased Grant’s fiancĂ©e Celia. The disk is now somewhere in space, Celia, Grant, and Jimmy Lee left town, but the weirdness lives on. Currently the flame is being held aloft by someone who looks like Luke Spencer. Sounds like him, too, sort of. The clothes are a little off, but then Luke’s taken to flights of whimsy with wardrobe before.  But Luke is doling out awkward on an almost heroic scale, flummoxing Monica and then blindsiding, of all people, Kiki, whom Morgan happens to find in an inexplicable predicament neither of them could have anticipated. 

Besides dodging lunacy, Kiki also visits her father, who fills her in on his and Sam’s trip to New York.  While he gives her the details about what they found – or more particularly, what they didn’t find – neither Silas nor his daughter is aware their conversation has an eavesdropper. Later, Silas is set back on his heels when an unexpected visitor from his past shows up.  Sam also has someone she wants to fill in on developments – Nathan, who she succinctly informs of a new potential suspect in Nina’s overdose. 


Emma is usually an inquisitive and curious child, and it’s only natural that her mother’s abrupt departure leaves the little girl confused and full of questions. But Patrick is at the limit of his frustration when she asks some difficult questions about Robin, and he really doesn’t know how to deal with it.  Monica offers an escape of sorts, inveigling his assistance with AJ’s treatment. 

AJ’s condition isn’t good. Michael is sick with worry, and as he tries to figure out what happened, he’s taken aback by some unexpected information.  His other father, Sonny, is solicitous and concerned upon seeing Michael’s distress, and offers comfort and support as the young man navigates uncertain and scary territory.  Meanwhile, a frustrated Anna and Dante continue rolling stones in an effort to find out the truth, and Patrick determines the options for AJ’s treatment. He meets with Monica and Michael to go over all the alternatives, so they can make an informed decision, and none of them realizes the potential threat lurking nearby.

Also Next Week…Carly corners Sonny and makes a demand, while Morgan offers his own theory of who shot AJ.  Julian and Ric seem to have a connection, and Julian gives Carlos a grim warning.  Sabrina comes by some information that sheds light on Carlos’ activities; Rick makes Liz an offer that makes Nik uneasy, and Felix is stunned when he sees Lucas and Brad together. Spencer develops a new plan to woo Emma.


The Bermuda Triangle: Fleetwood Mac, Heroes Are Hard To Find
Bend and Break: Keane, Hopes and Fears
Ticking: Elton John, Caribou
Valotte:  Julian Lennon, Valotte

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