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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of March 24 - Architects of Painted Lives

Architects of Painted Lives

What a Fool Believes

So bursting with the new information she’s just discovered, it’s a wonder Elizabeth doesn’t careen straight off the parapets herself in her haste to get to Lulu, after nearly mowing down a bewildered Tracy Quartermaine in the halls. Elizabeth has her own, very decisive way of handling the revelation, whereupon Lulu is filled with adrenalin, rage, and vindication.  Upon finding out that Ben is, indeed, her son, she storms downstairs to the fun-filled salon. Music stops and heads spin as she levels a wild accusation that effectively stops the party with a thud, and there’s almost a bottleneck in the rush for the door. 

A few people stay behind, of course, but not for the canapés and pigs-in-blanket.  An appalled Lucas has some very tough, very direct questions for an exhausted Brad, who Lucas now realizes had bigger secrets than he let on.  Britt desperately tries to explain herself to an enraged and heartbroken Nikolas, who is beside himself at the implications of what he’s learned.  Lulu and Dante are equally furious, but they set that aside for the moment in favor of their first priority – their son. But when they go to retrieve him, they are met with an unexpected and shocking surprise, and a maneuver which will change the dynamics for everyone involved.

No More Cloudy Days

Silas and Sam flee the island and head for his apartment in the hopes of a few hours alone without battle disasters, but date night continues as they find the place looking like the sacking of Byzantium. Suspicious and intrigued, they inveigle Nathan to determine the true motive of the break-in; was it to actually find something, or just a scare tactic?  Nathan is bewildered and confused by new turns of events, and after hearing distressing news about Nina, he’s visibly upset and distracted.  Anna takes note of his discomfiture and finally corners him, demanding the truth.  With the new developments unfolding fast, Silas makes a surprising admission to Sam about Nina when he receives new information.

Can’t Find My Way Home

As AJ lies in his hospital bed, fighting for his life, Ava Jerome is determined to make sure he never rises again.  When she tries to sneak into his room once more, Kiki catches her in the act. Unaware, of course, of her mother’s murderous bent, Kiki fills Ava in on AJ’s condition and prognosis – neither of which are encouraging to his family, but which bring the light back into Ava’s eyes with a glimmer. Her good humor restored, she greets an arriving Carly with the requisite amount of snark, which is duly returned, until a full-scale catfight looks to be in the offing.  Ava can’t help herself, taunting Carly gleefully, but she may end up giving Carly more information than originally intended. 

Monica Quartermaine has endured a lot these last few years – loss of her husband, loss of two of her children, loss of the in-laws she loved, loss of her grandson, and loss of her job. Mere mortal women would likely have broken by now, but Monica is no ordinary person, and no one should ever forget that – least of all Sonny Corinthos.   We all have a breaking point, and Monica reaches it. Terrified, exhausted, and grief-stricken over AJ, she does a full and expert verbal vivisection of the crime boss, calling him to account, and to his face, for the way he treated her son for almost 20 years.  The confrontation has been years in the making, and Monica is a formidable adversary whom Sonny may have underestimated.

Afraid to Shoot Strangers

With one enemy prostrate in the hospital, Sonny focuses his attention on the ones walking around and conscious, pressing Luke for information about the Jeromes and hinting that his brother Ric might be involved in the ongoing shenanigans. 

Alexis, feeling feistier than usual, actually confronts Ric about throwing in with Julian, but he gives up nothing. Big surprise there. This, however, leads to a fairly aggressive, Cassadine-influenced cross examination of Julian, whose indignation is sincere, sublime, and sizzling with snark. A fiery argument ensues, and anyone with a working brain and extant libido can figure out where that might go…

Also Next Week:  Michael and Kiki argue about Ava, while Dante presses Britt for vital information. Nikolas visits Elizabeth at her home, unaware of the nearby danger. Ric wants Elizabeth to give their relationship another try.


What a Fool Believes:  Doobie Brothers, Minute By Minute
No More Cloudy Days:  Eagles, Long Road Out of Eden
Can’t Find My Way Home: Steve Winwood, Blind Faith
Afraid to Shoot Strangers:  Iron Maiden, Fear of the Dark 

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Julie said...

I am so tired of how people talk about Elizabeth and how she is going to tell someone NOW at the party.

Is she telling because she wants Nik, sure partly, but Liz has never been a selfish person, but people seem to forget that Liz has known Lulu since lulu was a little girl, she was there and helping Laura when Lucky died.When Liz loves someone she never really stops, even if they have been horrible to her and Liz still loves Lulu no matter what a witch Lulu has benn to her in the past.

Also, people seem to forget that Liz has had two of her children stolen from her, Jake the crazy woman while sam looked on, and he was gone for days and then by the russians and finally by a drunken child killing not sorry luke, and Aiden by Franco when he was hours old. So I can understand her wanting to tell a mother that she has a baby, esp Lulu.

Are people going to poopoo carly for inevitably not telling anna or michael that sonny shot AJ, probably not.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm not gonna even go there with Liz ('cause she's one of the most selfish people in PC), however, I'm wondering what has happened with little Ben? I'm thinking Obrecht probably ran off with him again.
Yay! Siam this week, and we can finally see where Silas lives.
Also, can't wait for Julexis scenes. Always fun.