Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Bevel In the Line - GH StoryBullet for Thursday, March 20

The Bevel in the Line

Britt's relief gives way to happiness as she and Nik prepare to greet their guests. 

Dante and Lulu are surprised to find...

...Sonny and Olivia waiting for the launch. Sonny is going to the party?

Spencer has engineered a masterful wooing, starting with the lounge jacket. 

Emma sees more Faberge in her future. 

Alexis prepares for the first salvo of the evening, unbeknownst to Julian. 

Luke's still acting weird, and Tracy is now beginning to notice this fact. 

When Mutter looks this calm, panic should register.

...Yeah, like that. 

 Silas notices tension between Sam and Ric and asks about it. 

Sam chooses trust over fear.


Unraveling a mystery while looking fabulous. 


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