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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of March 17 - The Bevel In the Line

The Bevel In the Line


Few and Far Between

Forlorn and feeling as helpless as the father lying in front of him, Michael wrestles with the heavy decision he has made regarding AJ’s treatment and care.  As much as he loves the father who raised him, he also loves AJ, who reached out and made the effort to reconnect and establish a new relationship together.  Overwhelmed at his father’s confidence and trust in him, Michael’s decision is a risky one, and he knows it.  When Patrick later has troubling news, Michael finds himself feeling an almost crippling guilt, while Monica’s nerves are frayed to distraction.

Don’t Let Go
After Alexis’ brilliantly calm charm offensive in handling Molly and TJ’s version of Dawson’s Creek, she immediately sets her sights on figuring out just why her ex-husband is back in town and with whom he is in cahoots.  To this end, her choice for a date to Nik and Britt’s engagement party is deliberate and has more than one purpose to it.  Her daughters, unaware of this, are taken aback by who shows up at the door to escort their mother, and things get really interesting when Sam is faced with events – and certain people – from her past. 

Rattled, she makes the decision to confide in Silas about these events – what precipitated them, what happened, and with whom.  She’s understandably nervous about Silas’ reaction…but perhaps underestimates her own worth as well as his feelings for her.

Stranger in My Skin
Lulu can’t shake the feelings for and inexplicable pull towards Ben, who, while certainly an adorable baby, has no discernible connection to her other than being Dante’s progeny.  Even Tracy’s solicitous and genuine attempt at consolation doesn’t help, and Lulu finds herself struggling even more as Dante proudly introduces his son to Sonny and Olivia, who dote on the boy and remark offhandedly at the resemblance to both Dante and Lulu.
The guilt is eating away by degrees at Britt, and when at her wits’ end, she receives advice from one of the most unexpected sources imaginable. Later, she decides to get rid of lingering evidence which might incriminate her, and by the time the party rolls around to commencement, Britt believes she’s in the clear and can breathe a sigh of relief. However, she hasn’t counted on Elizabeth’s uncanny penchant for stumbling across clues and connecting dots.
Excited and happy to be embarking on a new phase in his life, Nikolas is preparing for the party with enthusiasm, but is stunned to receive a visit from someone he never thought he’d see again – someone he loves and trusts, and someone who he knows wants what’s right for him. This unexpected encounter is both joyful and bittersweet, and Nik is cautioned to proceed with a clear head going forward. 

Also Next Week:  Obrecht senses Brad’s guilt and moves to protect her daughter, and Luke creates all kinds of havoc, starting with Kiki and ending with Britt. While Ava and Sonny are clandestinely meeting, Morgan blunders in, and Shawn demands answers from Jordan. Sonny and Ric dispense advice to Spencer and Cameron, respectively, while Josslyn fumes in the wings.


Few and Far Between: 10000 Maniacs, Few and Far Between 
Don’t Let Go:  Armon Jay, Everything’s Different, Nothing’s Changed 
 Stranger in My Skin:  Christine Dente, Out of the Grey 

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Anonymous said...

I don't want Sam to tell Silas about what happened. No, no, no.
I know she's ashamed of what happened with Ric, and it's taken a lot to move past it, but I don't like thinking about it. I think I get defensive, like she'll be judged for her past mistakes, and she doesn't deserve that.