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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of March 31 - A Cup of Dark Matter

A Cup of Dark Matter

Deora Ar Mo Chroi

As AJ engages in the fiercest, most important battle of his life while his mother pulls out every last bit of skill and knowledge she has to help him --- Carly and Sonny are at a crossroads of their own. Sonny is understandably concerned that his ex-wife might not keep the knowledge looming between them to herself, and in his mind’s eye he can see the roiling demise of his relationship with Michael. Even as they share a moment of reflection and nostalgia, reminiscing on the stormy history which has bonded and sealed them for life – Carly considers telling her son what really happened. Sonny may have told her everything, but is that really enough? She had kept the secret about Kiki from Michael, and that didn’t shake out so well. Does she risk her own relationship with her elder son by protecting Sonny? 


Little Bird

All Britt wants right now is out.  In the space of twelve hours, the life and new beginning she had envisioned for herself  -- a life in which she was leaving behind the dysfunction of her childhood and reflexive neediness she was bred to feel every day – karma came calling like the Fourth Horseman on a midnight ride. Now Ben is missing, as is Liesl Obrecht.  Dante and Lulu are glaring at her with justified and undisguised rage, and Nikolas has abandoned their future together.  

However, when Mutter is pulling strings from a hidden space, dynamics tend to change rather quickly. Dante and Lulu are gobsmacked when they find out who is representing Britt in the embryo theft, and Britt herself is left shaken after a tense, fraught confrontation with Nik. She confides in Brad, worried and unsure of what to do as she contemplates her mother’s latest bold and high-stakes move.  For his part, Nik is feeling guilty and remorseful for his outburst at Elizabeth in front of practically everyone they know, so he heads over to her home, intending to talk things over. He is, of course, unaware of what menace lies within those walls – but he does note Liz’s perplexing, strange demeanor towards him.

Washing of the Water

The road to Damascus has been a long one for Nathan.  Virtually raised from birth to be his mother’s avatar for retribution, he has believed in two things all his life: His sister Nina is the victim of a cold-blooded attempted murder, and her husband, Silas Clay, is the one who did it. It is the conviction of both which has defined him, guided him, and driven him – the marker upon which he has set his life’s purpose to the exclusion of almost anything else.

But that was before he actually met Silas. It’s easy to paint your villains in black and white without the interference of reality, and Nathan has come to realize that his preconceptions may be as flimsy as a paper doll. He tells Madeline he’s reconsidering Silas’guilt – diverging from a life path that was set before him – and sets up a sting with Silas and Sam, intent on bringing Ava Jerome down.  An unlikely and surprising accomplice is enlisted in the effort, and an already skittish Ava listens in on a conversation about the late great Pharmacist Nakamura.   

Nervous and agitated, she runs into Morgan, who notes her anxiousness and becomes suspicious she may be keeping things back from him. Silas and Kiki have an emotional moment, further bonding them as father and daughter, before things come to a thunderhead and a disturbing new development is revealed in the Nakamura shakedown – a development for which the word ‘shock’ doesn’t quite do justice, and will have some long-lasting and unexpected effects.

Also Next Week: “Luke” and Julian meet to discuss “Luke’s” plan to destroy Sonny Corinthos, while Tracy confronts Kiki about Luke’s behavior.  Shawn blows his top when he finds out about Jordan’s new job, Dante gets a surprising visitor at PCPD, and Lulu seeks out Elizabeth for advice about Ben.  Bobbie gets some unexpected news from Noah, and Lucy determines to end her affair with Scott.


Deora Ar Mo Choi: Enya, A Day Without Rain 
Little Bird:  Annie Lennox, Diva 
Washing of the River:  Peter Gabriel, Us

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