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GH Preview for Week of September 9: Phantoms of Another Life

Phantoms of Another Life

The Package 

Diane’s ruthless, fearless, and inarguably creative coup de gras having liberated him from the loving arms of the New York State Penal System, Franco returns to the less-warm welcome of the Quartermaine mansion. He wastes no time in presenting his erstwhile babymama with eviction notice, and is unfazed when she threatens to expose him. Franco deftly sidesteps that volley by telling Tracy about his momentary relish rage. This effectively takes the fodder from the cannon, and he delivers a parting shot, letting Ava know he’s not done with her by a long mile.

Adrift, Ava finds herself in a bit of a panic. Are the careful plans she and Julian created coming undone? But, like a cat landing on her feet, she regroups – pushing her brother to speed things up before sharpening her claws for purchase on a new target.

Out of My Mind 
Sonny is extraordinarily close to shuffling off the coil, barely registering air above and earth below. Olivia, having no more tears to spend, does everything she can to convince him to breathe. The guilt-ridden and grieving mob boss continues to spiral into a clammy and stifling depression, still unaware of AJ Quartermaine’s Not Guilty plea and Diane’s strategy for defense – pinning the murder on Sonny himself. Only when reporters show up in a stampeding herd at his doorstep does he finally hear the truth, and, predictably, erupts in a pyroclastic cloud of raw, smoking fume.  It takes Dante and Lulu introducing him to his ‘granddaughter’ to calm him down somewhat. Later, he comes home and finds an unexpected guest who offers something that may help him destroy the man he believes killed Connie. But there may be strings…

It’s one of the hardest things he’s probably ever had to do, but AJ tells his mother about his fall off the wagon, subsequent blackout, and the possibility he very well could have killed Connie. Understandably furious as well as terrified for her son, Monica is beside herself, reminding him of the risks she took concealing him so many years ago. As if that wasn’t enough, AJ’s status as an accused murderer has consequences at the hospital, too, and Monica is devastated by a major blow. Fed up, exhausted, and finding herself commiserating with a surprisingly supportive Tracy, she pulls a Franco and …tosses Franco out on his ass.

Wuthering Heights

This being Wyndemere, and Wyndemere being out on an island in Port Charles harbor, Britt of course goes into labor, because things like that just have to happen in a gothic castle with no navigable roads and not enough time to get to the nearest medical facility.  Britt, afraid she’ll be a terrible mother -- like her own mother, in fact -- delivers her son.  But the baby has complications, and the group rushes to GH.  Silas does everything he can, determinedly pulling every resource to save the baby’s life, while Sam watches him work. 

Jason’s birthday comes, with an unknown presence seeming to observe as people remember him. After spending time with Alexis at Danny’s bedside, Sam finds herself on the Pier where her husband died, reflecting on her past and the memories. Silas, in turn, finds her there.  There’s talk…and seems to be something more happening.  

New World Man
Derek/Julian/Samdaddy/Boxerman is having issues with women. One woman is on his case to speed up the master takeover of Port Charles, and is adamant he keep his eye on the ball. But his eye is also on his adorable grandson, who is literally in his bones.  As he and Alexis watch over Danny in Isolation, Alexis confides some new information about Sam’s father – information she definitely did not share with her daughter. And then, Derek/Julian/Samdaddy/Boxerman’s phone rings, and this time it is not a woman. It’s a guy who knows a guy named Vince. Vince is in trouble, and it’s going to be a problem for the Jeromes.

Having been as unceremoniously unloaded as he divested himself of Ava, Franco settles in at Metro Court with Carly’s assistance and the two celebrate Jason’s birthday together, remembering the person who was such a prominent figure in their lives.  It seems as if a watcher is watching them too, and unexpectedly, there’s a knock at the door. Franco goes to answer, and when he pulls the door to, both he and Carly are shocked at who is on the other side.


Also Next Week – Spinelli tells Ellie that he and Maxie aren’t telling Dante and Lulu about the baby. Ellie has one other question for him…Are we over? Ava wants to throw a party for Morgan and Kiki, and Derek’s secret may be exposed if he doesn’t think fast.


The Package:  A Perfect Circle, Thirteenth Step
Out of My Mind: Duran Duran, Medazzaland
Wuthering Heights: Kate Bush, The Kick Inside
New World Man: Rush, Signals

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Anonymous said...

Okay Carly Back away from Franco go find the man that well didn't try to have your son raped.
Carly Belongs with Jasper Jacks they belong together I don't give a flying fudge about the 2 Craco fans.
Roger Howarth Belongs with Blair
Sam take off Lila's ring before you go kissing anyone

Anonymous said...

Where's my Jax he should come save his woman!
I miss their happy family Michael Morgan Joss Jax Carly my favorite perfect daytime family!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought a new man was coming into Carly's life this is so unfair..
I want Carly with a guy like Jax or Sonny anyone but Franco this is so unfair.
We all. Know Franco belongs with Blair

Anonymous said...

Happy to see Carly giving Franco a chance. I hope things go well for them. It's going to be a good week ahead for all. Can't wait to see Ava & Julian's next move.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting, I enjoy your blog.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for KDP's fans, Roger Howarth wants to act with Laura Wright... and it shows. Franco is here to stay with Carly, and Todd will never goes back to Llandview.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

That's not a fact the only person Roger enjoys working with is Emmy winning Kassie Depaiva...
And Carly belongs with either Jax or Sonny

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

OH PLEASE GMAB roger wants to act with lw roger wants to act with kdp! ROGER HOWARTH IS AN ACTOR FOR GODS SAKE doing a job to support his Family. Im sure he enjoys working with both women. Oh and REAL ROGER HOWARTH FANS want roger where it makes him happy and for now its on GH! I love KDP but people should put more time and effort into doing whatever they can to get oltl back up and running and not spewing nonsense about fictional pairings.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Love the Julexis, Monica and Diane ones!

Angela Rynan Durrell said...

Fair warning - I do not and will not tolerate any hint of actor bashing, disparagement, insult, or derogatory comments on this page. If you decide to post such immature drivel, I will remove your comment, with no discussion or explanation. End of story.

Angela Rynan Durrell said...

Also, for the record, Anonymous - Laura Wright is herself an Emmy winner.

Roc N Rose said...

RC and his writing team have done an AWESOME job weaving the show's antagonist, Ava, in nearly every major story line (as evidenced by your previews, Angela). This adversarial character will have significant impact on the canvas far into the future...Brava, Maura West! Boxerman?! LOL

Angela Rynan Durrell said...

Maura is just awesome, incredible, brilliant, sublime. Such fun to watch her play this amoral, unhinged, narcissistic sociopath. She's great.

Anonymous said...

Its the same thing I ask where is Jaxs? Franco do not know anything about Jason, she why is Carly not with Sam? When the hell is this GH anniversary over with?

Unknown said...

All of that sound horrible and doesn't peak my interest one bit. What happened to the GH I used to love?