Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Listen to Angela: GH Teasers - Tip



Dante takes a walk with baby Connie and runs into an emotionally wrung-out Spinelli.  Carlos and Patrick meet, and the exchange is about as friendly as two bull elephants in full molt.  Carlos makes a point of Patrick still wearing his wedding ring, while a mortified Sabrina chivvies him towards the door.  

Luke isn’t doing very well, his condition worsening by the day, but he continues in his pursuit of Jerry Jacks, while Lulu tells Tracy she knows about her father’s predicament.   Nikolas’ solicitous care begins to win Britt over as she and Ben find a safe place in Wyndemere.

Week of September 30:

Luke is told a doctor is working on the cure he’s searching for, while Anna gets news she cannot quite believe.  Duke knows more than he lets on, but he tells Alexis he knows how to prove his theory.  Patrick considers a big step in moving on, Franco begins to paint, and Morgan helps Ava move into her new home. 

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