Friday, September 27, 2013

GH's Buchanan Sworn In as US Citizen

Buchanan Sworn In As US Citizen


Ian Buchanan sent out a cryptic tweet the evening of Sept. 26: “My best love to all! I have a REALLY BIG day tomorrow. Xoxo." 

Well-wishers responded with encouraging replies, not quite knowing what exactly Buchanan’s ‘big day’ was all about. Turns out he was sworn in as a newly-minted, full-fledged United States Citizen at 8am Friday morning, with almost 5,000 others at The Convention Center in Los Angeles.

“It was a very festive occasion and beautiful sight,” he says happily. “A sea of waving American flags and new Americans!” 

Buchanan, a native of Scotland, emigrated to the States in 1981 to work as an actor, studying with the prestigious Lee Strasberg Institute in New York before becoming a well-known and beloved presence on several daytime shows.  His most iconic role of Duke Lavery on General Hospital began in 1986, a character he continues to play today in a front-burner story on the legendary drama.

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