Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Listen to Angela: GH Teasers - Shift


Connie is laid to rest as Sonny continues diving for darkness with grim purpose; Spinelli is distracted with thoughts of his daughter and may find a new assignment from Carly a welcome relief.  And a stranger in town is asking an awful lot of questions about Sabrina, claiming to be an old friend of hers – but he may be much more than that. Ava has Morgan hamstrung by his own compulsions, and makes it clear – in no uncertain terms – that the debt he now owes is to her.

Coming up Week of September 23:

The stuffing bursts out of Sonny's comforter as the wedding party lurches towards it’s final, gasping moments of lucid awareness – and for most of les invités, everything changes and sets new paths before them.

Dante and Lulu have a rough night with the new baby, while Maxie and Spinelli have a rough time talking to each other.  As preparations for baby Connie’s christening are under way, an unexpected liason turns up between the sheets, Dante makes an incredible request, and Patrick walks in on Sabrina and a topless man.

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