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Listen to Angela: GH Preview for Week of September 16 - The Oculus Tear

The Oculus Tear


Seven And the Ragged Tiger
Up to now, Derek Wells has been breezily and successfully presenting himself as a hard-nosed publisher and businessman, juxtaposed with both a vicious, focused intent and a dichotomous empathy for others.  A tilt in the axis puts him on guard when he runs into two old friends: Anna Devane and Duke Lavery – two people whose history is laid down with his own, impacted and impenetrable. He breathes an internal sigh of relief when neither appears to recognize him, and finds himself tickled to take Duke’s resume in consideration for a position.  Having escaped an unmasking, coupled with the prospect of hiring one of his greatest nemeses gives him a sense of elevated confidence, as he proclaims to Alexis that everything is going his way. But Anna begins to hear some new rumors about Julian Jerome…

Still mourning and in depression, Sonny is the wounded in the running herd – and perfect prey for Ava.  Deftly and expertly, she maneuvers and manipulates past his protests that he has yet to bury Connie and convinces him that, as parents of the happy couple, they should throw Morgan and Kiki a party.  Ava watches with satisfied glee as the mob don comes ever more unraveled and out of control, and easily finds all the right buttons to push.  She tells Derek that the party will be the ideal time for them to act – while Sonny is at his most vulnerable and fragile.
You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth
Proving that Ava was wrong about being “All alone” on his birthday, Franco is startled by an unexpected greeting on his big boy day. Meanwhile, back in Carly’s World,  the diva herself is wrestling with the devil on one shoulder and a demon on the other, sorting out her conflicting feelings regarding her newest hotel resident. Felix, ever discerning, is both appalled and intrigued at her dilemma, but is more decisive, smacking his cherubim to the floor and attempting a B&E with the owner of Metro Court.  Normally this might result in a huge lawsuit, but this is Port Charles, and the person who catches them is more interested in keeping the door closed than calling Diane Miller. Foiled, Carly snags a distracted, rootless Spinelli, and gives him an assignment.  Let’s hope he doesn’t have to be covert or anything.

After giving Sam and Alexis encouraging news about Danny, Silas gently reminds Sam about their conversation…and asks her to be his date at Kiki and Morgan’s wedding party. Alexis isn’t sure she completely trusts Silas – because Alexis has chosen her men so brilliantly up to now – but  Sam gooses her mother to focus on her own saddle and tack and take a chance on Derek/Julian/Boxerman/Samdaddy. As if on cue, who should happen along…

Nothing in My Way
After being unceremoniously heaved onto the cracking pavement of Harbor View Road, Kiki and Morgan have to find a new place to live and get ready for a party.  With her heart in the right place, but her head somewhere else, Kiki extends an invitation to Michael, rationalizing it will mean a lot to her husband (oh, it will), and will help her and Michael move on from one other (yeah, that’ll end well).  Morgan is becoming a shining example of  “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, and has racked up a ginormous gambling debt on Mama Ava’s credit card.  As neatly as she played the father, Ava plays the son, backing him into a payback corner and shoring up more markers for future use.
 Church of the Poison Mind
Kevlar under formal wear and exit strategies mapped, the wedding party of Morgan and Kiki Corinthos is a bouillabaisse, a stew, a puttanesca of pathos. Kiki has trouble keeping her eyes on the right man, while her mother plays grande dame to the captive gathering—and snags Silas for a turn and a walk down scorched roads.  Sonny, whose hinges have been creaking since before Connie’s funeral and swaying dangerously ever since, lands with a spectacular crash as the women in his life try yet again to scoop him up. The only people thrilled at the gelatinous mess oozing from the Armani are Ava and Derek, of course, who finally make the first explosion that rocks Port Charles right down to the catacombs.

Also next week:  A mysterious visitor has set his sights on Sabrina, Rafe sees a private moment between Molly and TJ; Anna speaks to Lulu about Maxie, and Britt hedges when Nik asks her where she and the baby are staying.  


Seven and The Ragged Tiger: Duran Duran, Seven and The Ragged Tiger
You Took the Words Right Out Of My Mouth:  Meat Loaf, Bat Out of Hell
Nothing In My Way:  Keane, Under the Iron Sea
Church of the Poison Mind: Culture Club, Colour By Numbers 

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